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About the Author

From 1990 to 2003, Mark Klein served as Vice President of an educational subsidiary of The Washington Post Newspaper.

For more than fifteen years Klein served as both President and creative force behind "Management and Training Consultants." This Greenwich CT. based consulting group gave direction and creativity to the marketing and sales efforts of America's corporate elite. Klein has often been credited with launching the designer water and designer chocolate craze during the mid eighties.

Mark Klein has penned more than one hundred intra-corporate "How To" books. His training manuals and sales guides have been used in the U.S. and in fifty countries around the world.

In the author's own words "It took more than thirty years of life's events to convince me that the experiences of a "naive young lifeguard," as chronicled in this book, would be found interesting, unique, and titillating, and worthy of sharing...